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how to set up an inflatable bubble tent outdoor mobile hotel

Good quality Inflatable Igloo Tent for sales
Good quality Inflatable Igloo Tent for sales
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how to set up an inflatable bubble tent outdoor mobile hotel
how to set up an inflatable bubble tent outdoor mobile hotel

How and Inflatable Bubble Tents Work


Inflatable Bubble tents are made from PVC and PVC tarpaulin. The tarpaulin is typically around 0.6mm thick. One of the most important benefits of a bubble tent is they are totally waterproof. Typically with a tent, you have to put some kind of a cover, like a tarp, over the top to make sure you are protected from the elements. The material of a bubble tent make it totally waterproof, as well as fire retardant.

When you purchase one of the inflatable bubble house tent, you will receive a blower and an electric pump. You connect the electric pump to the air valve of the white frame of the bubble tent, and the white frame inflates within 4 to 5 minutes. The blower for inflate the transparent globe inflatable bubble room, you have to run the blower continually.


How to Setup a Bubble Tent

1.Lay down plastic or barrier between the ground and bubble tent.

2.Take the bubble tent out of its package.

3.Roll out the tent and spread it out along the barrier you placed on the ground. You should spread it out as well as you possibly can.

4.Attach the blower to the port on the side of the bubble tent. It is a good idea to firmly tie the blower and the plastic tubing together, otherwise it can detach.

5.It is important to leave the blower on continually or in intervals. Otherwise, the bubble tent can deflate.

6.Inflate the white frame with the samll electric pump. The white frame don't need to inflate continually. The air will be kept inside the frem for several day. Just put more air inside it if don't have enough air inside it.

7.When you are finished with your bubble tent, detach the blower. The air will slowly come out of the bubble tent. Once all the air is nearly out, press down to make sure it is all out.

8.Fold the tent in the same way that you did to unroll and place back inside of the package.


Things to Consider about Bubble Tents

1. It is important to note that you will need electricity in order to make the bubble tent work.

2. The bubble tent is made of a clear, plastic type material. It is important to set it up under some sort of shade. As you can imagine, clear plastic is not going to defend your skin against the UV rays.

3.When the bubble tent is set up, it should be on a relatively flat surface. Avoiding sharp rocks is a wise idea; bubble tents can be punctured.

how to set up an inflatable bubble tent outdoor mobile hotel

1. Open the valve, inflate the white frame with the electric pump.

how to set up an inflatable bubble tent outdoor mobile hotel

2. Attach the blower to the port on the side of the inflatable clear bubble dome tent.

how to set up an inflatable bubble tent outdoor mobile hotel

3. The air vents can should be half shelted or fully open to keep the fresh air flowing inside the bubble room.


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