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Company News About How to use an Inflatable movie projector screen properly

How to use an Inflatable movie projector screen properly

How to use an Inflatable movie projector screen properly

Inflatable movie screen is a popular leasure equipments in for family gathering, team building and holiday relaxing in summer season. But how to set up an inflatable film screen properly is a topic that most of us want to involved in.



Some clients feedback that the projection isn't very clear, some feedback that the blower is too noisy, and some even don't know how to blow up the inflatable film projection screen properly. Below is our testing report with some useful instructions:


1. unroll the inflatable movie screen in your back yard

2. Fix the portable inflatable film screen by the plastic stakes and ropes provided.
3. For the 16:9 ratio screen, the distance between inflatable screen and projector is 2.5-3meters.
4. The best sound effect is 3meters away from the inflatable movie screen. Because the blower noise is forgettable 3meters away.
5. The video quality is depended by the lumens of the projector you have, the higher lumens the projector is, the better the video quality.
6. Using in the dark environment or at night will always have better results.


Please be always noted that inflatable movie screen should be used outdoor at night, while the best place will be your backyard.

Shall any further details needed about our inflatable projector film screen, let us know freely.

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